Chasing sunsets and eating dust

We’ve always made a point of taking Sunday afternoon’s to explore. Climb on the bike and drive in a new direction to see what there is to discover (and Siem Reap is filled with things to discover) but on a whim (and because there are literally no tourists in town which means that we had […]

Snippets of Phnom Penh

Lonely Planet describes Phnom Penh as “an assault on the senses. Motorbikes whiz through laneways without a thought for pedestrians; markets exude pungent scents; and all the while the sounds of life – of commerce, of survival – reverberate through the streets. But this is all part of the enigma. Once the ‘Pearl of Asia’, […]

Movement and wellbeing

Hatha yoga – this is how we start and finish the week! One of the benefits to sitting still in one place and not moving between cities and countries every 28 days is the ability to focus a little more on our health.

Let’s talk mental health

Let’s talk about mental health – I think far too often we feel that it’s not alright to admit that we might not be coping. I come from an era where real men don’t cry and it’s not ok to say you are not ok when someone asks how you are. But now we find […]

Endearing and beautiful bonds to ancient tradition

Just before dawn, I am roused from sleep by soft sounds of early morning and the gentle stirrings of my neighbours as they prepare for the day: sweeping, shuffling feet, low voices, a radio playing softly, the faint hiss of frying food. Then, gradually, as the sky lightens, new layers of sounds expand my aural […]

Review: Treeline Urban Resort – Mastering the Art of Hospitality

In 2019 alone we spent 312 nights in hotels and while we might own and manage one of South Africa’s most unique and bespoke travel brands it must be said that my career started in hospitality at one of the country’s first five-star boutique hotels, being trained by one of South Africa’s most critical hoteliers […]

Give of your heart

Saffron-robed monks are a familiar sight across Cambodia and every morning the monks can be seen on their alms rounds, collecting worldly nourishment for themselves (and very often those in need) while allowing the givers to acquire spiritual merit (in return for food the monks chant a prayer and bless the people who give the […]

Rediscovering Angkor

While I am deeply aware of how the pandemic has decimated the global tourism industry, a morning at Angkor, without the heaving crowds was a privilege and once in a lifetime opportunity. Angkor Wat, in its beauty and state of preservation, is unrivaled and has an artistic distinctiveness. Built in the first half of the […]

The last elephants of Angkor

For almost 900 years there were elephants at Angkor and in November 2019 the owners of the herd along with key stakeholders in the tourism industry made the incredible decision to stop elephant rides at Angkor and retire the herd, moving them to a place of safety.

Sunrise at Angkor – a moment for reflection

“It was sunsets that taught me that beauty sometimes only lasts for a couple of moments, and it was sunrises that showed me that all it takes is patience to experience it all over again.” — A.J. Lawless In a pre-pandemic world, when millions of tourists used to flock to Angkor every year, watching the […]

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